Software Solution is what we are good at but motorcycle racing is in our blood
Unfortunatly, due to the current economic situation we had to suspend our racing asperations for the time being :(


Dylan is riding a 2007 Triumph Daytoma 675 in the Mike Hopkins 600cc Superbike Regional Championship.
Pre season testing went well despite limited track time. Dylan was immediatly quicker on the Triumph but we had some setup issues to sort out. Unfortunatly, the ECU gave up on us at the first race meeting of the year.
Thats been sorted and we are back on track. To boost Dylans confidence and ability on the Triumph he entered the Clubmans Class on 08 April 2017 and came home with 2nd in Class A for the day. It was a great weekend at the track and he shattered his personal best lap times.

To make the day just a bit better, Russel entered Dylans old Honda CBR F4 in the Brakfast Run Class. It was his first time racing a superbike after 20 odd years and he loved every second of it. Over the course of the weekend he bettered his lap times by over 6 seconds and went home with a smile on his face.

Next event is on 22 April 2017 at Killarney where Dylan will be riding in the 600cc Regional Class.

2016 Championship Roundup.

The season had its highs and lows. Not everything went to plan but we finished 5th overall in Class A. That's actully not a bad result when all things are considered.

1. Dylan was riding a bike that was 17 years old with way less power than the bikes ahead of him. No Quick Shifter, Fuel Injection, Traction Control or fancy suspension.
2. Dylan missed the last two events - 4 races - becasue of the massive crash he had in September - see videos below

2017 is going to be a new challenge. Dylan has a Triumph 675 to race and he will be competing in the Regional 600 Class.
First race is in Mid February and we are so looking forward to it.

Click the photo above to see the August 2016 Race 1 Start - onboard footage

Click the photo above to see the September 2016 Race 1 Start - onboard footage

Click the photo above to see the September 2016 Crash - onboard footage.
Dylan's gear leaver linkage broke on the last lap and he was changing gears by hand. Harry Clifton knocked him from behind on the back straight and crashed. His bike rebounded into Dylan's path causing Dylan crash. Dylan was laying 4th overall at the time.

pre race massage 

2017 Killarney International 8 Hour

Every year the Killarney Short Circuit Association hold an International 8 Hour event for small motorcycles. The majority of motorcycles entered are Honda CBR 150's. There is another class for all Chinese motorcycles under 200cc and 2-Stroke motorcycles under 85cc. We have been competing in the 8 Hour since 2012. In 2017 we compted with a Honda CBR 150 - bike #22. The bike was prepped by Russel and ridden by Dylan, Clint and Russel. What an eventfull fun day.

The first lap of the race our accelerator cable unclipped and it took us 10 minutes to get back on track - at least 10 laps lost. The Clint crashed and had to go off to hospital with a broken knee. It took us about 30 minutes to get back on track and Alex Van Der Berg took Clints place on the team.

After 8 Hours we spent about 50 minutes in the pits with refuling and repairs. We completed 479 Laps and finished 15th Overall. No bad when you consider all the factors.

Clive Wright and his team also competed - bike #14. They had a few more crashes and mechanical problems but they were fast. Unfortunatly for them, we beat this. They completed 443 Laps and finished 23rd Overall.

It must be said that the 8 Hour is about who does the most laps so when you crash or have a mechanical breakdown it costs you dearly. None the less its arguably the most awesome racing event in South Africa. Everybody has an awesome day and its a great way to end the year. Riders come from around the world - from casual racers to professional world class riders.

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